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crypto trades — coffee & markets — risk management


Kickin’ off! A couple charts I want to cover setups on.




Coffee is a-brewing, crypto is a-shootin’.

Today I’ll touch on some larger marketcap positions I’m holding or opening; Algorand, Orchid Protocol, Utrust, Stratis, VIDT Datalink.

P.s. If you’re interested in a review on Bitcoin and Ethereum, watch TraderSZ’s video on Youtube from yesterday. …

Disclaimer: I want to keep this post as fact-based as I can and let YOU make up your own mind, your own view.

What does worldwide money-printing have to do with crypto? Everything.

This next fragment is fully quoted by a the QCP Capital Telegram Broadcast (link) will help us…

We all want to hit a lick, get lucky, feel the thrill of dopamine rush through when you look at the dough you just made. That hormonal release mostly hits nicely when you were just feeling a little less that day; that is the trap.


A few quick setups I’m looking at. With the bullishness still in place for the short-term, today is a great day for entries, I don’t want to catch a falling knife, so I’ll try to practice patience and confirmation.

Decentraland (MANA)


My coffee is a-heatin’ and I am ready to talk speculation. Grab a pillow, snuggle up; it’s storytime, friends.


BTCUSD 1-day chart

The king outperformed. The 42k sweep and the failure swing I thought I saw was invalidated when price went back up into the 42k area and closed firmly above…

Good morning!

This review will just cover the essentials on my end. I’m on a brief road trip and am writing this from a café, so let’s get started. Apologies for any imperfections.


Crypto Fear & Greed Index

What a week! The last two weeks have been a near unabridged rally. Looking at the…

I write this with newer, uninformed, crypto friends in mind. This is very much the wild west and when I started I had help that I wish to everyone who is interested to start.

You want money. I reckon that’s why you’re reading this. Sure, some might find the technology…

Welcome back,

Today I’ll touch on Bitcoin & Ethereum. Further more I go into how I look at trading ranges.


Morning and welcome back,

Another edition. Today I’ll talk about my 3 setups, which I have capped it at as not to go crazy with the amounts.

Let’s get wild.


Cyril Cox

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