Win-Fuck Effect — Vicious Cycle of You Losing

Cyril Cox
3 min readAug 14, 2021

We all want to hit a lick, get lucky, feel the thrill of dopamine rush through when you look at the dough you just made. That hormonal release mostly hits nicely when you were just feeling a little less that day; that is the trap. Dopamine hits are a BAD thing when investing, it gives a false sense of success.

Win-Fucked? You won, but really you’re getting fucked. Why? Because you get a false sense of entitlement by winning. A sense that fucks you in the long run. Trust me, it does. Next time you lose, that’s when you get bit. Usually, that’s when stupid decisions follow. Or when you won, and you’re out of the market, then all of the sudden you feel FOMO, and the desire for that good ol’ hit of ecstasy that a win gives you.

a picture of you losing

Charts, news, Twitter and every ol’ lad on Youtube blaring on can thread a story for you, to enable your emotional desires. You enter a stupid trade, without a plan, without rationality, just on the sheer desire of wanting to win. If it goes bad, you don’t cut your losses and lose big or you do cut your losses and get angry, revenge trading is ahead. The cycle goes on and on and never do you find out how to fix it because the parameters for your failure and success are keeping you from growing.

Welcome to the losing side.

How To Not Be On The Losing Side

I personally believe winning in this game comes down to emotional management. After that comes the rest, but first: redefine parameters for success and failure.

Don’t just read this. Do it. Write it out. Stick in on your fridge, your shrine. Pray to it.

a definition of success: a favoured or desirable outcome

a definition of failure: a lack of success, one that has failed

Common definition for success is: make money, more money = more success, and failure: lose money, more losses = more failure.

Let’s try this:

Success: I use my systems and work on improving them to build wealth in the long run. More systematic consistent results = more success.

Failure: I fail to execute my systems meticulously and stick to my plan, regardless of monetary result. Less systematic approach= more failure.

Does it make sense that if you change those beliefs about succeeding and failing that you can redefine your outlook and thus manage your emotions better. You can actually build on those beliefs whereas the old ones are keeping you from taking the proper action.

You don’t have to use my definitions, write your own. What you are aspiring to attain, reach, become? Write that.

If you have anything to add, let me know.

Hope you found value, good luck!




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